If you've just been diagnosed coeliac, if your family member or partner has recently been diagnosed, or you're hosting a dinner party for family/friends and need to cater to a coeliac and you're unsure of what contains gluten, this will be a guide for you!

Below is a quick guide to show you what is naturally gluten free, what is sometimes free from gluten depending on the manufacturer and checking the packaging is required, and what glutenous products need to be avoided!

General rule of thumb: avoid any products containing WHEAT, RYE, BARLEY and sometimes OATS.

We don't look at EVERY SINGLE food item out there, but it's a general guide to making food at home or buying store-bought items based on popular dishes we like to indulge in!

If you're considering a take-away, you're best off phoning your local take-out provider first to check which items do not contain gluten. This quick guide will help you at home, but definitely do not use it when ordering a takeaway as some caterers tend to put wheat flour in their sauces....they always like to ruin our fun!

I hope this guide will help you! I have missed lots of individual items as it is a general guide to everyday items.

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