I find googling “gluten free near me” or “gluten free restaurants” or  “is –insert possibly glutened item here- safe” and checking the smallest print for ingredients incredibly frustrating and down-heartening sometimes!

I’ve tried and tested a lot of apps to make life a bit easier and I’d like to share with you the ones I use and how they work below.


Find Me Gluten Free App

I’ve found this ideal for travelling! It can find your location and where the nearest restaurant or cafe serves gluten free food. It shows breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items and occasionally some reviews from other users. It’s a handy interactive map and is suitable for sensitive coeliacs, providing an option to choose the most celiac friendly places to be sure of no cross contamination. You can also find restaurants and cafes in different cities and countries (ideal before you head to that city and plan eating out in advance!)




Gluten Free Scanner UK

This is great when shopping in the UK and Ireland and not having to read the ingredient packaging. It’s just a camera app; you scan the barcode of each item and within 5 seconds it will inform you if the product is suitable. Only downside is that it doesn’t scan every single product, but over 150,000 products available to scan is not bad!


Scanned Product -Suitable for Gluten Intolerance




Coeliac UK – Gluten-free App


I find this very handy when I don’t have signal/wifi and need to check if a type of product is free from gluten before making a recipe.

I head into the “Gluten Free Checklist” to see if something is gluten free before I go out and buy it, for example Suet or Stout! They also provide some information on labelling to avoid any confusion with the “may contain” and “exemptions to the labelling”.

For Coeliac UK members (membership is £30 a year) there is a food and drink directory and venue guide that provides a HUGE list of suitable items found in supermarkets that are naturally gluten free...only downside is that I find it a bit slow to load everything!

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